kudos to mclaren

i watched my first f1 qualifying session of the season yesterday, which saw the 2 mclaren cars fighting for pole. although neither got it in the end, the results were a remarkable improvement from their previous races – hamilton starting 4th, and heiki starting 6th. so i gave in and watched my first f1 race of the season.

unfortunately, i missed the most interesting part of the race – the first turn. i think 1 car went out there. anyway, hamilton managed to rise to second place, and after race leader alonso retired when his wheel flew off, hamilton led all the way. he still managed to maintain his lead even after coming out from pitstops. at one point he was a whopping 17 seconds ahead! big difference as compared to the germany grand prix 2 weeks ago, where he came in last.

and so, 10 championship points to hamilton. but he’s still a long long way to fighting for this year’s championship. unless he tops all the following  7 races and button doesn’t, which doesn’t seem too likely.

oh well, let’s just hope the mclaren cars’ magnificent performance can last the season. tsk tsk.

– – – – – – – – –

after 4 days of ‘holiday’, i’m certainly NOT looking forward to tomorrow. 😦



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