back from ndp09 preview

as the title says.

no pics at all, even though i brought my cam along. reason being – it was so terribly hot and humid in the afternoon and i was perspiring like mad. which, obviously, gave me a horrible mood. besides, you guys can always watch it on television.

anyway, this year’s ndp was way nicer than last year’s. emcees mark lee and suhaimi yusof were hilarious! especially their rendition of how sang nila utama found singapore. “eh you never read your email meh?” LOL!

but actually my main purpose was to see the GOH and the other armed forces. men in uniform are attractive. and then there was this segment where they mimicked a bomb threat and terrorist attack, and with all the navy and air force and everything. men in uniform AND at work are so bloody attractive!! =x

ahem. other segments were all dance and songs. nothing special imho. oh there were pole dancers! and i saw 陳偉聯. haha. the finale fireworks was brilliant. fireworks always are.

yep. end of story.

for guys only –>

have fun! 😀



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