it’s fridayyyy!! 😀

everyone was in a nice ‘relaxed’ mood @ work today. all the bosses went out in the late morning and came back in the late afternoon. shiok! i actually managed to clear some backlog filing and paperwork, and even cleared out the junk documents in my drawer. my desk looks more like a desk now. previously it just looked like some waste paper dump. lols.

PL wasn’t in the mood to work, and she kinda influenced us all to stop and gossip together. so fun! only at the end of the day, hel called LP for some urgent work. but that didn’t stop us from reaching our destination. at 7.30pm.

the five of us had steamboat buffet at Jade Room Restaurant, Hotel Royal. not very nice in my opinion. =x

at first we had the chicken soup base. after PL requested to change one side of the pot to 麻辣, the guy came back with a bowl of chilli paste. turns out that to have 麻辣火鍋, you just have to add chilli paste to chicken stock. -.-

variety of food was normal. the usual greens, meat, mushrooms, blah blah blah. they have cooked food available there as well. i must mention the fried fish. they’re really damn yummy lor! i think i had five or six pieces. tsk. yeah. that and the usual mushrooms. lols.

aftermath was just hilarious. we were yet again the noisiest table. it’s so easy to lose my image and go crazy with these people. PL made fun of everyone. i think JW got the worst of it. hahs.

(kinda unbelievable and surprising that vict actually told su he wanted to send me home the other day but dunno why i didn’t want to. lame excuse. obvious he didn’t want to lor. i know you guys don’t understand cos the whole story’s in one of the protected posts, but i just wanted to vent.)

cabbed home after that. after a few cabs brushed me off because they didn’t want to go to woodlands, i finally found one who was willing to. this malay uncle’s quite nice and friendly. made me feel the journey was kinda quick. =)

so that sums up my lovely friday. 2 days to go before monday blues.

p.s. and will you guys please click the “HELP NOW” button at the side? what’s wrong with helping our environment? zzZz. heartless people!



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