i am very sad.


finally remembered to find this song.

and when D called at 7pm,
D: 哇,做麼你還在office!
me: 等你lor。
D: 哇~~
me: 等你帶我的兩個boyfriend回來。
D: 哈哈!慢慢等。下個禮拜。

yes you do not understand why it’s funny. yes he made me laugh. but no it isn’t enough to mask my disappointment in the 26 Sept event planners.

credit to the smart baby (yes, you girl!) who guessed correctly, i was invited to watch the singapore grand prix qualifying rounds. imagine this – bird’s eye view of the entire circuit, good food and drinks, and probably some cute guys to look at…all no more! *wails*

if it’s fcfs, say so in the invitation card! if you’re not planning to have so many people there, don’t invite so many people! how can you confirm our attendance and then later call to say it’s full already? bloody hell. make me happy for nothing. 一場歡喜一場空。

F F F F F ~!



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