i had buffet again!!

guess where this time?

yep, finally tried the mushroom pot! a tiny bit disappointing cos i thought they would focus on mushrooms, but in the end, they had those usual stuff like hotdogs, chicken chunks, pork slices etc. nevertheless, they still had like, 5 or 6 types of mushrooms. and they have fresh fish slices. really those s-l-i-c-e and not like those pieces of bone i had at zengfucai.

the ala-carte buffet dinner came with 5 starters and this is one of them –

monkey head mushrooms in house dressing

(yes it’s half eaten already.) this one is a MUST-TRY! very very nice i swear!

they also have the 鴛鴦, but we tried the wild mushroom soup base instead. it has this mild yet nice mushroomy herbal taste. there’s also this healthy feel to it so i think it doesn’t have MSG. lol.

a very nice place for healthy steamboat if you don’t mind the price ($29.90++ for weekend dinners). 😀

and when i reached home, baby boy was in one of his ‘snap me!’ positions, so i couldn’t resist snapping some shots of him. *haolians her pretty boy*




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