f**king unbelievable.

the italian grand prix. seething.

the race started with hamilton leading. he had built up a short 6-second lead before entering his first pit stop, and came out after the 2 brawns. so obviously his 2-stop strategy didn’t quite work out against the brawns’ 1-stop.

after his second pit stop, he came out in 3rd place. was abit annoyed, but i thought it was better than nothing. apparently he wasn’t satisfied with that. he kept pushing his car even though it didn’t seem possible to overtake button in the last few laps. he was soooooo aggressive!

and guess what? he ran over a kerb, spun, and crashed out. and where so? last sector of the last lap. way to go!

see lah! greedy lah! got 6 points plus podium don’t want, now end up with nothing. sheesh. let’s see how he comments on this.

i wonder if i should even bother to watch the remaining races.



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