how i spent sunday.

headed down mosque street for my free birthday spa/massage treat. opted for the ‘lose weight’ package. she started off by a nice warm chocolate scrub and massage, and then the heat blanket. around half an hour later, i had to rinse off the scrub and the real massage began.

she said that if i wanted to really break down the fats, she had to rub real hard. i said okay, and regretted it later. i totally felt my bone was about to break and my flesh was about to be pinched off. i was even expecting bruises all over. super duper pain lor! guess how i endured it? by chanting “愛美是要付出代價的” to myself. lols.

but i have to admit, overall experience was wonderful, despite the pain. she had also rubbed oil all over when she massaged, which smelt lovely. only drawback would be the oily-ness after that.  oh and the room was filled with fragrant lemony scent.

super indulgence. can anyone sponsor me more of these?

dropped by this dessert shop at chinatown. we tried the macha (green tea) with red beans and mango ice. the macha one only has a very faint hint of green tea, whereas the mango one is stronger and nicer. two people can share one cos it’s quite big.

you can see (from the macha) that the shape of the ice is quite unique. haven’t seen it before. it looks like they’re in layers instead of the usual crushed ice.

not cheap though; at $5 per bowl. tsk.

after we had bus-ed down taka, walked around and even experienced a blackout, we then walked further to ion. stupid shopping mall i find it. or maybe it just doesn’t appeal to me. there was a huge crowd, but most of the shops were pretty empty. why would anyone wanna waste money on such high end retails that most singaporeans can’t afford? there’s already taka nearby.

nothing fascinating about the japanese food outlets downstairs either. tsk.

in the end, we walked back to taka and settled for this jap restaurant.

i don’t know how to describe the katsu ramen (which looks like laksa). on one hand, it isn’t spicy, cos i don’t find my tongue burning. but yet i get all sweaty and red-faced. i think its the sesame oil which is so irritating on the throat.

and train-ed home exhausted.

totally loving my satio baby. 🙂



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