Plaza Brasserie @ Park Royal

had international buffet dinner at plaza brasserie, park royal hotel. H’s treat.

was kinda reluctant to go initially when i heard she was going, cos we were planning on steamboat, and i didn’t quite like the idea of having steamboat with her around. thankfully she switched to buffet, so i could sit far far away. lol. sounds bad lah, but…that’s the truth lor.

interior design of the hotel lobby was cool. it looked posh yet welcoming and comfortable. a far cry from its exterior, which looked ulu and old. the restaurant itself was pretty nice too. food variety was a little disappointing though. in the end i merely attacked the salads and salmon sashimi, which, i find, was not too bad. they’ll slice it only when you order, so it tastes fresh. servings are generous too. only thing is that they cut it too thick.

they also have chocolate prata, cha soba and chocolate fondue! but price-wise – MUCH TOO EX. forty plus for a weekend dinner. and with the variety of food so limited, so not worth!!

yep. super shag now. down with a terrible bout of sore throat. it had better recover before my trip next week.



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