i so need to rant.

SSD says i should 發洩, so here i am, 發洩-ing.

1. if my budgeting report is gonna be the same as the accounts’ GL report, what’s the point of me doing it? is costing even in my job scope?

2. they keep saying i have the authority to question even my manager’s decision. but are they gonna back me up if anything happens? i don’t think so.

3. there’s a limit to how much i’m willing to sacrifice for RT. flirting and acting cute to suppliers i can accept. showing more skin when they visit i still can accept. but lunch/dinner is out. and then she’ll prolly ask us to sleep with suppliers so we can have dirt cheap prices. i don’t care if she wants to be some freaking mamasan. i don’t.

4. the same old thing. don’t like last minute instructions. zzZz.

5. company trip is still not confirmed yet. so 不甘願, then don’t suggest in the first place.

… …

and so, i went for retail therapy (thanks 媽), buying sushi and random makeup items, and made myself 70 bucks poorer. this is so unhealthy. 😦

can’t wait for friday to see the gals again. can’t wait for xmas party. can’t wait to escape to genting.



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