mushroomy goodness

had a little girly dinner at mushroom pot, since cher wanted steamboat. original plan was actually crystal jade at holland v. but honestly, it’s so far and i have to cab there. pity the poor gal please!

and so. we decided to meet at 7. i managed to reach at 7.15, surprisingly, and was only a few seconds behind zhu. so technically, i’m not really late. lols. cher, on the other hand, said she was stuck in a jam and would be 45mins late. guess what time she arrived? almost 8.30! but she brought along my super-late-but-used-to-it birthday present, so i couldn’t really stay mad at her. not that i really did. (present is pweety! will blog it if i ever manage to get it up.)

while waiting for her, me and zhu ordered and started eating cos we were really hungry. =\ zhu recommended the yuan yang, which i didn’t try previously cos i was afraid it might be too hot.

look at that layer of oil!!

the 麻辣 was quite nice initially – quite 香 and not very spicy. the wild mushroom seems bland in comparison. but in the later parts the 麻辣 became super salty. don’t know why.

our ‘appetizers’ while waiting for cher:-

no more pics after that cos food is more important. hahas!

loads of fun and laughter tonight. even from zhu. she’s usually the more serious, less xiaocharbor one amongst us. so gonna miss cher when she leaves for US. so gonna miss crazy times like this. and you know what? they both prepared xmas gifts lor! like, since when do we do xmas gift exchange in all those 10 years we’ve known? grrrrr! but we’re meeting next week again! so i still have time. i hope.

last but not least,

munchkins says hi.



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