xmas party 2009

i’m back from genting trip!! and i’m here blogging while my hair is taking its time to dry. let me start with the party post first, before i forget everything.

anyways, had our xmas party on xmas eve. it was supposed to start at lunch, but apparently none of us had the mood to work in the morning. especially when the PL starting bringing out the presents for gift exchange. so exciting!!

our xmas tree, complete with presents underneath!

i admit it looks kinda botak, but i don’t care. it’s the prettiest one around, cos 5 of us decorated it with lurve. hahs. =\

we even more couldn’t concentrate when the food arrived. even the bosses’ bad mood didn’t get us down.

PL was like, “open open (the cover)! michelle want to take photo!” haha! and i realize she ordered mostly seafood, so i can eat. except maybe the chicken wings. so sweet of her. muacks PL!

we started the games after lunch. pretty looking forward cos PL revealed that the prizes were not bad.

first game was this weird pair game. my partner was 親愛的. all of us were blindfolded, standing in 2 rows opposite each other. the organizers would have the ‘feel-ers’ put their hands into a box and feel what the item is inside. then they would have to find us ‘write-ers’ and whisper what item it is. then we’ll write it down. both me and 親愛的 weren’t too comfortable with being blindfolded, so we weren’t really into the game. got alot of mistakes. hahas.

second game was an individual game, where the organizers had a list of items which they had hidden around the office. i super like these kind of treasure hunt games (which was why i organized one last year). when time was up, only D and i had managed to find 2 items. the rest all had one. and the last item to be found was in the meeting room. so me and D went in. i was like, “不要這樣啦。讓我啦!”

and he totally ignored me. but in the end is yours truly won lor! smart bo? =X and got this tigger thingy. lols.

third game was horrendous. they brought out the old xmas tree, decorated with lots of marshmallows and candy canes. and we all had a minute to rip off as many as possible. i only got 6. =( while the winner had like, 22? lols. the poor tree got ripped into 4 parts in the process though.

fourth game was fun too. we were divided into 2 groups and given 6 or 7 photos of places in singapore. we had to guess what place it was, and then spell it out using the cutout alphabets available. i was abit skeptical initially as our group consists of 2 malaysians, 1 sri lankan, and 1 from india. and me. panic ah! but luckily D was steady enough, and he practically knew all of the places lor! so we won again. 😀 and got some hand lotion thingy. lols.

fifth game was weird. pair game, and i partnered 親愛的 again. my right hand was tied to her left hand, and we had to roll plasticine into as many small balls as possible, without using the tied hands. well, as i’m not left handed, and i didn’t quite like how the plasticine got into my nails, we didn’t roll as many balls as we expected to. so yep, we didn’t win this one. bleh.

and then gift exchange! i think D don’t know his was from me. but i know who gave me mine! it was 親愛的! so 準 right?! actually i kinda suspected she got either me or HL, cos she die die also refuse to tell us, even when we said who we got.

nail polish from faceshop. loves! see, 親愛的 knows me so well. haha. muacks!

the end!



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