short update today.

i finally attempted to rescape my tank. haven’t really paid much attention to it for the past few months (yes i’m ashamed!), and it had become severely messy and overgrown.

cleared off my java fern and e.tenellus. then popped down c328 last friday, wanting to get somemore plants. but i ended up with a mere nana. sad. bought a bristlenose, hoping that it’ll clean up the algae for me (so far not doing job), and a few feeders to cycle the water.

and then this afternoon, i thought it looked kinda plain, so i moved some of the plants from my other tank to this.

before – ‘wild and messy’

after – plain and simple

don’t know why, i quite like how it turned out. this theme kinda suits the false stone wall backdrop better. love the woody arch, and how the feeders swim under it. nice! =|

won’t be doing DIY CO2 this time, since it’s low tech. and i think i may have been too hasty to add livestock in. they don’t seem to be doing very well. but what’s done is done. only hoping time (and those seachem/potassium doses) can do the job. *crosses fingers and toes*



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