fat die you~!

i shouldn’t be letting work ruin my blog, but it’s pretty frustrating now that i think of it.

scaffolding is making me rather pekchek these few weeks. just last week, i had arranged the delivery of metal scaffolds to WT factory on sat. today, i jus learned that they delivered but no one was there to receive, despite me informing everyone beforehand. and when i called them up, they said CH had told them the delivery was monday.

zzZz. so i had to arrange delivery today again. never mind the trouble; but who’s gonna answer for the double transport charges? me again lor.

later in the afternoon, WT called to complain that metal scaffolds cannot be used. so after i told CH, he and the other two engineers just sat there and laughed. -_- very funny meh?

hais. CH is like the common enemy of us admin gals already. i really don’t mind if he and hel are into 姐弟戀 and want to teh with each other the whole day. but it really pisses me off when black and white it’s his mistake and she tries to defend him and pushes the blame to us.

pretty tempted to quit. but i can’t give up those wonderful kolics, especially 媽 and 親愛的. and besides, i’m not one to take accusations lying down. 我忍! 總有一天,他會知道天蠍女生不好惹!

lols. loads of laughter with the gals while walking out. which put me in an extremely good mood. =]

met SSD and had dinner at pasta de waraku. originally wanted something more ‘traditional’ jap, but since SSD say want this, then okay lor. lol.

both of us had the set meals. our appetizer…

corn soup was alright. normal lor. very ‘corny’. LOL. salad was nice though. veggies were quite fresh. i like! and super super like the sauce! a refreshing alternative to thousand island.

and i got the pasta half & half, so i had a choice of two different pastas!

the amount of tuna and corn were generous as compared to the salmon and roe, but i still prefered the latter. both were a little bit too dry, but i added loads of cheese. yummilicious!! ^^

as for SSD’s, don’t really know exactly what he ordered, but it looked like seafood curry pasta to me. lols!

i find the sauce abit weird leh; it has curry smell but no curry taste. hmmmmm. baked pasta looked good, but too full to try already! lols.

super sinful. one, for making SSD spend so much on just dinner. two, for the amount of calories i just ate. eeks.

and i still need shopping.



One thought on “fat die you~!

  1. hmmm think i order seafod curry pasta wor.. lolss.. wahahaha.. ok la.. overall quite nice ma.. even the salad also tasted quite nice wor.. =D
    But most importantly i get to see you my BB.. haha.. =DD so so happy.

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