did you know?

when does Chinese New Year actually begin?

the season of spring (li chun) (solar calendar) begins on 4 feb 2010. however, many chinese all over the world would still celebrate CNY on 14 feb 2010, which follows the lunar calendar.

however, as you know, each year we observe what happens to us on 4 feb 2010, and if good things happen on that day then it’s going to be a fantastic year! but if negative things occur then it means that the year is not going to be smooth. please go and work on this day as it means that you will always have work to do.

(taken from fengshuiqueen)

… …

predictions for 2010 from her :

– excellent year
there are 3 lucky stars and 3 bad stars.

this is a very lucky year for you with very good money luck and a promotion. however, there is a 桃花 star in sight bringing in unwanted romance especially when you are married. don’t allow a third party to ruin your marriage.

money & work
if you are an employee there is a promotion while if you are on your own employment there is some kind of recognition, fame and wealth. however you are advised to be humble and watch your words carefully.

you will be in the pink of good health.

love & family
if married, there could be an unwanted appearance of a third party. watch your emotions and don’t get involved or carried away. if you are single, there are plenty of romances and relationships.

i’m taking that it’s gonna be a good one this year. i can shop and spend with ease now. and i’m counting on that chance of promotion to motivate and keep me sane at work. pink of health? hope it also covers paper cuts. lol.

except maybe for that third party thingy. SSD also has it in his. should i be worried? hmmm. =\



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