baby first steps

you know, when you play games like auditionsea and steps, it’s pretty hard to be able to dance in sync with your partner/team due to the different computers, internet service providers or even countries.

so i was pretty glad to come across one of the games where i had almost perfect synchronization with my team. so i’m gonna haolian it.

lol just kidding. i merely wanted an excuse to try out fraps and wmm.

so here we go:

(ps. i’m in the GREEN team)

it took me the whole afternoon so you guys better not comment anything bad on it! =\

… …

i also recently acquired a video of a full-dress rehearsal of one of the performances in Resorts World. had considered uploading it to youtube but in case anything happens, i’m just gonna take screenies and share them on my blog. i don’t think my readers are that mean to report, right??

just this part of the show (and taken by a PHAILED cameraman) is super super cute already. cannot imagine what i would do if i were there. lol.

the way it waddled away was sooooo funny!

notice the third penguin from the left.

KAWAIII NEHHH!!!!! of course screenies aren’t as good as the video. hmmm. *goes to watch again*



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