desaru trip – part 2

the next day, i had to wake up before 7am. but was instantly refreshed when i pulled apart the curtains to see the morning sky.

after buffet breakfast (again), the 3 of us headed down to the beach to prepare our version of team-building games. beach style! (not much photos despite bringing satio baby. was too busy!)

1) jigsaw puzzle. we buried the pieces in the sand. first team to find, complete the puzzle, and bring to the finishing line wins. as both teams finished around the same time, it was up to them to play dirty. we saw CH wrestle vict, who was holding the completed puzzle, to the ground. and Hel tried to snatch it out from 媽’s hands. lol.

2) dog-and-bone. started off with the standard game, which soon became rugby, and ended up with a 疊羅漢. ROFL.

3) this game was just madness. we stuck colored flags on 2 sides, and each team had to snatch as many flags as possible from the opposite side, as well as defend against the other team doing the same. we planned to time the game 10 mins and see which team had more flags. guess what? all the flags were snatched up within 5 mins. can you imagine how rough they were?!

4) we made each team dig a hole in the sand, and have one member stand inside. then we gave them toilet paper, and had them wrap their mummies till they were fully covered.

they then had some time to decorate their mummies! super super funny and all of us were laughing so hard!

5) water guns were distributed. each team had to shoot the other team’s mummy and protect their own from the other team. first mummy to have the paper all gone, loses.

6) 2 containers of drinking water, mixed with rose syrup, and chilli padis floating inside each container. each team member had to take turns running up and picking out one padi using their mouth. first team to finish fishing all 20 padis wins. lucky i wasn’t playing this game. pretty gross lah! hahas.

loser team forfeited by munching on the chilli padis. lols. you be the judge. which one more fun? ours right?! we can be professional game organizers leh! whahaha~! ^^

after which, we all went back to wash up and get ready for lunch. we had teppanyaki! but not nice one.

only these 3 dishes, complete with rice, miso soup and pickles. so not worth!

me, 媽 and 親愛的 went for our spa massage shortly after that. and we saw monkeys!

lols. spa was pretty relaxing. but i felt she didn’t exactly massage properly. my shoulder hurt like mad while i felt she didn’t press hard enough for the rest of my body. and my shoulder is still aching now. -_-

made our way to the jetty and home sweet home after that. 8)



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