my visit to the national museum

i have been wanting to visit this long ago but never really got round to it. since we didn’t know where to go today, SSD finally decided to take me there. lols. was pretty much expecting the turn-out to be empty like the ‘guinness book of records’ exhibition in genting, but really quite surprising to see so many people.

photos galore! (but honestly it’s just less than half of what i’ve taken.)

at the entrance.

bits and pieces of uncovered relics.

the statues.


Isis breastfeeding Horus.

animals played a part in ancient egypt as well.

mummified cat anyone?

dried-out baby croc.

more statues…

carvings on tablets..

and other stuff

interior of a pyramid tomb

they also had a real mummy on display. the ‘internal coffin’. something like that.

the bottom piece.

the mummy itself

the canopic containers (for intestines, liver, stomach & lungs)

they would be buried together with stuff like…

and lastly, the walkway.


when we came out, satio baby was warm from all that photo-taking. (must make $ worth.) after deleting all the ‘unworthy’ ones, i now have a whopping 140 photos! would probably have taken more if i had a better camera. *jealous of SLR users*

a pretty enriching 1hr+ experience i would say. though SSD didn’t seem very interested. lol. but i think it would be better if there were lesser people and more artifacts on display. boo.

alrights. back to the usual shopping and movies tomorrow! =)



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