tgif, but today’s just not my day.

every working day is not my day, but today is especially so. even though it’s finally friday. i survived one whole week of taking on double roles! or many roles for that matter.

first, A keeps chasing me for worker details when, (1) i’ve already given him what i have, (2) i’m not HR personnel (3) neither am i his project coordinator (4) he either can’t be bothered to search himself or is too lazy. i hate it when he does that. i don’t mind helping. but i DO mind doing things for someone i feel isn’t worth me doing it for! he’s in the office, so am i. he got things to do, i don’t have meh? is it really thaaaaat difficult to send one email out himself? i think he’s banking on me and 媽’s paiseh-to-reject so he gei siao keep asking us do things. which part of “there will not be project coordinators anymore” does he not understand?

second, it doesn’t help that both boss keep coming back with urgent instructions. sibei stressed. and then i still have to print all the emails and faxes, and answer phone calls. don’t understand why they cannot at least help to answer some calls or what. how many hands do they think i have? should i feel comforted that at least D can see what i’m going through the whole week. his jokes are lame but at least they made me laugh. hais.

later in the afternoon, i happened to answer this call from a rude angmoh salesperson.

him: can i speak to (boss)?
he’s out for a meeting.
him: so when can i call back?
me: you’re calling from?
him: when can i call back?!
me: where are you calling from?
him: *silence*
me: hello?
him: what now? monday? tuesday? wednesday? will he be in?
me: no.
him: then WHEN can i call back? give me his mobile number.
me: why don’t you leave your number?
him: i’m returning his call.
me: and you are…?
him: you answer my question and i’ll answer yours.
me: fine. call on monday.
him: ok. i’m from –
me: *hangs up*

just so you know, it’s our standard procedure to screen calls for the directors. it’s not the first time he’s calling and he has always been so rude. there was once, we simply hung up his call, but obviously it didn’t deter him from making a nuisance of himself again. where got people do sales so rude one? (confirm is sales call cos we checked with boss already.)

hais. super irritable. times like this i wish everyone can disappear and leave me alone so i can have my much needed peace.

but unfortunately it doesn’t happen in real life. hais.

… …

manhattan’s with SSD again.

soup of the day: something-something asparagus soup. with sotong. i like!

SSD’s clam chowder.

my grilled king salmon with garlic rice. not very appetizing. but tastes quite alright.

super super tired. mentally.



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