happiness is a function of accepting what is

yes there IS such a word as monthsary! lols. SSD came to meet me in the afternoon and surprised me with blue roses again. happy! 😀

then made our way down plaza sing, supposedly to watch ip man 2. but we didn’t book any tickets and thus, no nice back seats. no choice but to postpone it to next week. *reminds herself to remind SSD to book tickets*

we watched 「初戀紅豆冰」 instead.

wasn’t really expecting much initially cos i had the impression of it being a budget film. and with 阿牛 as director and starring people like 曹格, 梁靜茹, 李心潔, 品冠 and 巫启賢, it radiated a lot of ‘local’ flavor which i wasn’t exactly fond of. but i was surprised when it turned out funny yet heartwarming and realistic. just a bit too draggy in the middle though, resulting in a pretty rushed ending. lols.

then went esplanade rooftop. SSD’s hooked on the monopoly card game. he always bully me one lor. lol. and i wonder why time always pass so fast. a few rounds of the game and it was time to go. sads. i wanted cuddle! =| lols.

(silly me 胡思亂想-ed last night and all the insecurities came back. but i’m feeling better now. muacks.)



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