looks DO matter

new theme from wordpress! don’t really like the chunky header fonts but it’s so pinky that i couldn’t resist testing it out! lol. which one better? =x

… …

sighh. sometimes after i’ve applied my makeup and everything, i’ll look at myself in the mirror and think, “you know, you don’t really look thaat bad.” but more often than not when we go outside, i’ll tend to look at all the other pretty girls and wonder if SSD secretly wishes i was as pretty as them. 😦

lol such an emo start. it just happened to come into my mind. was actually planning to blog about the 3D game that SSD intro-ed me some time ago. the first 3D game that i actually made it past level 5. and probably my last. hmmmm.

besides the fact that i seriously don’t know how to control the revolving camera angles, please compare this…

to this…

kawaii! not hard to see why maple’s still my favorite game eh? (archers ftw and boo cool-down time!) i miss those good old mapling times.

i miss school too. especially when work gets so unbearable that my swear words and temper come out before i have a chance to stop them. very bad i know, but i’m so given up on RT; i don’t really care anymore. anyone got job lobang? lol.

similarly was super pissed off today. (can see from my string of angry tweets.) so i left promptly at 615pm without finishing up my work. 他做初一我做十五lor.

then dinner with SSD at central and sat by the riverside. he bought me kinder surprise! lols. that was more surprising than the surprise inside.

had previously brought 2 out of 3 kinder surprises to office and stuck them to my computer monitor. can someone tell me what to do with this?

lalalala~ mad sleepy now. and ip man 2 tomorrow. yays.



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