blogging at this unearthly hour (5.40am) cos i have nothing better to do while my hair is drying. 30 mins more to going 24 hrs without sleep, all thanks to the major tender exercise that will finally be over later this morning.

stupid client needed so many sets of tender documents (save the trees!) that, even after splitting up the work, we still had to stay back till 12am  on wednesday and a freaking 4.30am just now. which pissed me off so badly cos they were again doing last minute work. i understand that the pricing has to be given at the very last minute to prevent leakage, but they could always have done the discussions earlier so when the time came, they just had to release the price and we can start our preparation already.

basically, we were all just hanging around after dinner while waiting for the directors to come out with the pricing, since my compilation had already been done earlier.

darn waste of time right? so i started to flood facebook and twitter with notes of my displeasure. tsk.

furthermore, parents were worried and stayed up the whole night. they were also not comfortable with me cabbing home and thus, came to pick me up in the middle of the night.

on one hand, i feel very guilty, but on the other hand, i can’t help but worry what the directors would be thinking. “ask her stay back do one tender only, she need to call her parents down. what the…”

seriously, i know they’re worried, but it’s not like i’m out there clubbing or what. i’m in the freaking office, WORKING! true, my place is kinda ulu, but can always call cab in ma. i don’t think singapore taxis are as bad as what they claim. hais.

sighx. super super tired and sleepy. luckily the few of us are allowed to report for work in the late afternoon. hmmm. actually what’s wrong with giving us a day off? we worked 36 hours in 2 days!

tsk. so now when normal working people are waking up and preparing for work, i’m just about to go to bed (even with wet hair). night night~!



2 thoughts on “finally

  1. that’s so horrible and stingy…you should definitely get a day off. And I can relate to the blogging at unearthly hours being an insomniac myself. Sometimes the words just seem to flow at that time…maybe we’re night owls 🙂

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