hotel rendezvous singapore

i should be sleeping now if not for my wet hair.

and since i can’t do anything else except wait, i shall blog about D’s wedding dinner i just attended. finally had the chance to wear my new dress, bought ages ago from the blogshop run by a friend.

i like butterflies and ribbons. i also like how the material is figure-hugging but not suffocating. but most likes is how the dress made me appear slimmer than i really am. LOL. 8)

anyway, cocktail was supposed to start at 7pm, but we arrived at 720pm. tsk. the weather was super hot on the way and i think my makeup was half-gone already.

was seated and had nothing to do, so took random photos.

red wine! i think i had 3 or 4 glasses only. lol.

i shall now attempt to remember the 8 dishes we had:-

(1) cold dish (lobster, jellyfish, popiah, octopus)
(2) sharks’ fin
(3) yam ring
(4) steamed promfret
(5) cereal chicken
(6) baby abalone, mushroom, veggies
(7) glutinous rice
(8) honeydew sago (me had 2 bowls!)

was able to eat majority of the dishes and furthermore, the 5 of us were seated with some strangers whom i didn’t really bother about, so i didn’t feel paiseh. dinner was enjoyable. lols.

halfway through dinner, we took a restroom break. and when you put girls with nice nice mirrors and cameras, you get…





😀 i like how the lights make me appear prettier. (whahahaha 不要臉!)

but how pretty also cannot be prettier than the bride. vast difference between now and back then when i first saw her at hel’s bbq. actually i was looking more at her hairdo and dresses. so so pretty! lols. =X

sighhhh. and cabbed home after the dinner. mad tired. and half drunk. why is it monday so fast?!



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