why everyone prefers male bosses

this article is so long, i don’t intend to post it here. but here’s a short excerpt:

Female boss-female subordinate relationships can be particularly prickly, especially in firms with few women at the top. In the male-dominated professional service firms Ely has studied female executives universally condemned the most senior women. “They described them as poor role models; they felt no ability to identify with them on the basis of shared gender,” she says.

and someone commented:

Women bosses do not appreciate what we have done, instead of giving us a pat on the back, they will try to stab you from behind.

so true!

in my short 3-year working life, i’ve had 2 female bosses and only 1 male boss, and experience tells me it’s so damn true! even the comment is true.

comparison: way back in NTU, the provost (only second to the president of NTU) would say thank you even when i all but simply typed out a letter or made a cup of coffee for him and it sounded like he really meant it. here at RT, it’s so obviously that she’s only saying thank you for the sake of saying it, when we’ve all stayed till 430am in the morning for her.

bah! i have so much pent-up anger that i’m trying to vent but i have no idea how to put it all in words.

the most obvious one would be the leave approval fiasco on twitter (if you’ve been following at all). a couple of days ago, i attempted to take 3 days leave in addition to the long weekend in september. (note that i applied 3 freaking months in advance.) the next day, she called me into her room and asked if it’s okay to not approve my leave. after i told her that my flight tickets were booked already, she VERY unhappily signed the darn approval form.

then she sarcastically mentioned, “i thought i said cannot make any preparations until you get approval? so what will you do if i really don’t approve your leave?” for a moment i honestly considered telling her what my dad told me – “quit lor.” hais. sometimes i hate the fact that my colleagues are too nice for me to let go, when logically i know i should leave this sucky company asap.

… …

on a lighter note, i’m going to hongkong in 3 months! whoots! feels like i’m dreaming and i have to go back and stare at the e-ticket to convince myself that it’s real. lols. =|

unfortunately, it’s a mere 6-day trip and i have so many places to go. disneyland (omg eeyore) and ocean park! and mongkok, lan gwai fong, victoria harbour, the peak, repulse bay, kowloon (apliu street & ladies market), lamma island and what else!?! all those places i’ve seen in tvb serials; i wanna go see them for myself! lols. the sights…the food…the people….soooo exciting!

and that reminds me, i better go brush up my cantonese (which i think is still better than SSD’s). 😀



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