just another random update

it seems like besides food, i don’t really have much to blog about anymore. i would love to blog about RT, but they’ll simply be full of expletives, harsh but never enough to fully express my frustrations at the management. sighhh. so let’s stick with the G-rated food posts shall we?

justacia again on monday. tried the fried dory this time.

er. i think the dory with melted cheese and mayo that i had previously was nicer. lol. SSD’s cheese+tofu+noodle soup.

don’t know why he likes spicy stuff all most of the time. =| then went esplanade rooftop for like, 20 mins? i didn’t know they had this ‘hidden’ corner here. i need more of this!

photos that day taken with SSD’s phone. cos satio baby was almost dying on me. since i had forgotten to recharge it after having it on wifi for 4 hours. amazing it could last the whole day. lol.

p/s. f1 session on sunday/monday midnight saw hamilton start pole and ended first after a very very exciting race. *happy*

… …

bro’s birthday, so we went out for dinner. abit rushed and last-minute since i thought we had already celebrated on sunday and he was supposed to go out today.

they ordered an extra sambal prawn with rice, which came first…

…and was finished even before our main courses arrived. -_-

my baked salmon. very nice!

mum and dad both had the same thing: mixed grill.

bro’s fire steak. i used to love this. =X

dessert was sinful – tiramisu, banana split, chocolate sundae.

sighh. why is it only wednesday? can’t wait for saturday. movie day with SSD! =)

… …

it’s on repeat now after SSD reminded me of it.



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