where can i get strawberry-scented teddies?

“Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

🙂 caught toy story 3 with SSD.

so cute and funny! i found the story quite interesting and easy to follow, despite not watching part 1 and 2. you know, this reminds me of how i used to imagine my soft toys coming alive at night. the very way enid blyton portrayed them to be.

the toys here are much cuter though – lotso the pink bear for looking so so hugable, bullseye the horse for being super dog-like, mr and mrs potato head for being hilarious (especially the last part when they were escaping sunnyside), ken for being uber lame, big baby for being so scary sitting on the swing at night, buzz and his spanish mode……and practically every toy i like!

i’m gonna go kiss my toys tonight. 😛

lols. random photos during lunch. i never pass up any opportunity to hone my photography skills. =|

okay, obviously i don’t have much skills. lols.

we always seem to have so much time to spare before our movie. so after wandering around, SSD decides to show off his racing skills. again. lols.

what’s up with guys and speed. and gadgets. and beatboxing. O_o

… …

dinner dinner! (tummy was actually growling during the movie. =x)

SSD’s lobster bisque baked rice. scallops were very garlic-ky. in a nice way.

my skipper’s delight. it’s panfried fish on top of pasta in lobster bisque sauce. absolutely delicious!

i actually just wanted the potato platter cos firstly, i had some sort of craving for fries. secondly, it came with a cheese melt dipping sauce. and thirdly, i wanted to save some space for dessert. (but obviously i was convinced otherwise.)

decided on a muddy mud pie to share.

mad sinful! the top layer is coffee and the second layer, chocolate. there was also this thin layer of chocolaty crust at the very bottom. and with all the chocolate syrup, it sure gave me the 幸福感覺. 😀

sighhh. it’s prince of persia and f1 tomorrow later. *happy*



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