guess what i ate for dinner?

yep. my sixth jap dinner this week alone. sheesh.

met zhu after her work and since she wanted ramen, we headed for nihon mura. but in the end she ate sushi too. cos she said scared they take very long to serve the food. and luckily she didn’t have ramen. if she took 20 mins to eat 4 plates of sushi, we’d probably be late if she had ramen. lols.

have been waiting so so long for this 3rd installment.

it was lovely, though it didn’t quite hit my expectations. but then again, i seem to have high weird expectations so i guess it doesn’t count.


obvious flaws first. eclipse is supposed to be the most action-packed part of the saga – with the fight between the cullens and the newborn army of vampires and the wolves all joining in. which lasted like, 10 mins in the 2-hour film? -_- i guess it focused way too much on the love triangle between edward, bella and jacob. not that i minded though. who could complain having too much buff and half-naked eye candy running around? 😀

they also didn’t follow the book as closely as i would have liked it. while i understand that it’s not possible to cram a book 3 inches thick into a movie, there were somehow a couple of things that made me go “HUH????”

(1) i don’t know why the hell they replaced rachelle lefevre as victoria. bryce dallas howard has too much of the wide-eyed innocence to play the bloodthirsty villian.

(2) training for the battle against the newborn army was supposed to take place in the middle of the night. NOT in broad daylight. just…kinda weird.

(3) bella was NOT supposed to really go and cut herself when edward was fighting victoria. tsk. and speaking of this scene, edward and victoria’s fight was plain ewwwww. it was supposed to be graceful. it was supposed to look like they were dancing! NOT wrestling on the ground. tsk tsk.

but but but! to be fair…

(1) i was expecting a more child-like riley, but this riley is kinda hot. he has both that bad guy look when faced with edward and that lovesick look when with victoria. niceee.

(2) they injected a lot more sarcasm into charlie swan. very entertaining. especially that part where at first he is glad that bella is taking some timeoff from edward to go visit her mom, and then mentally kicks himself when he realizes edward’s going with her. super funny!

(3) CGI wolves look soooo cute and adorable and sweet and what-not. awwwwwwww.

(4) cullen family looks as good as before (especially edward)! and so does the wolves (jacob!!!!). julia jones plays the part of leah clearwater pretty well too.

(5) the short battle scene was just amazing. because of all the dismembering and broken limbs and killings in this scene, i’ve always wondered how they’re gonna create it. and ta-da! clay and plaster. interesting~~

so that sums it up. my eyes were practically glued to the screen. and this must be my longest movie review so far. rofl. the twilight saga movies just keep getting better. now i can’t wait for breaking dawn, though i heard it will be split into 2 movies instead. bah! i hate waiting and anticipating and longing for and thinking and wishing. i want it NOW!! 😦

(all that lovey dovey scenes in the movie…..where is my SSD?!?! boo.)



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