the king of fruit is smelly

boss made a last minute decision for a durian-feast which was cancelled 2 weeks ago. well first, it was hot outside. second, i was wearing a skirt. and third, she never bothered to ask if we all could make it. pfft! which made me pretty 不爽. but luckily they decided to switch the venue to east coast. so it made me a tiny bit happier.

don’t you just love the beach? after a while, i couldn’t resist anymore and went straight down to soak my feet in the water. plus the salty sea breeze, the pretty 浪花, the eagle/seagull/whatever flying overhead, the blue blue sky, blue blue water…..such a wonderful feeling! 😀

getting far far away from the durian-eating group was my secondary reason for going down to the water. the smell was terrible. i tink ST bought the good ones. uber strong stench smell. lols.

sighhh. 媽 just told me some shocking news. actually not very shocking lah. just that i didn’t expect it to be tomorrow. that’s gonna be 2 gone from RT by the time september comes. can’t help but feel a sense of euphoria whenever i think about leaving RT. tsk.



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