limbo would be nice.

yet another rainy day. mee no likes! especially when i don’t have my umbrella with me. =( heard there were lots of floods from yesterday’s day-long rain too. tsk tsk.

met SSD for lunch, movie and dinner. lols.

sci-fi movies are so not me, so obviously this is SSD’s. initially i thought it would be long and boring and difficult to understand. but surprisingly it turned out just the opposite. it was pretty action-packed i must admit, and the plot kept me following it that it didn’t feel like a 148-minute movie at all.

we chose to watch in digital (which according to the ticket counter, it has something to do with the sound effects), though i’m not very sure if there’s any difference. but the special effects were cool!! especially the folding city and zero-gravity scene. just wow! 8)

i particularly liked the idea of limbo. in the film, a few moments in real-time could be decades in limbo. imagine we could all take a 30-minute break during lunch and enter limbo. we could all have probably a day off to do what we want and come back refreshed. or take a day off, go limbo, and come back feeling as if you’ve been on a month-long holiday. cool isn’t it?!?! lols.

sighhh. monday blues hitting already. now that’s reality. =(



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