the time is always right to do what is right.

[week-long backlog blogging]

1. what would you do when your boss counter-offers with a much higher salary than your offer outside? well, unfortunately, i chose to stay. so yes, despite the numerous complaints and rants about RT, mee has decided to stay. and suffer. 😦 oh the things i’d do for money. boo.

2. disappointing germany grand prix – a ferrari one-two. but at least the FIA investigated the team orders for massa to let alonso take the lead instead. the team was fined $100k in the end, but sadly the results still stand. alonso ferrari should be banned! =X

hamilton started p6 on the grid and came in 4th place. but it was still disappointing to me because he came in a whopping 26 seconds after 3rd place vettel. like, damn pathetic can?! let’s hope they fix the cars up in time for the hungarian grand prix this sunday.

3. horrible horrible day today. long, tired, sleepy boring day. plus house-viewing after work. taking the train during peak hour was just horrendous; i was practically sweating and cursing and swearing the whole journey. kill me please, if i have to take the damn train everyday.

4. new house was….very disappointing. that’s what happens when you always have too high expectations of everything. but since family likes it and paid deposit, no choice lor. i guess i have to spend a bomb on doing up my room. $_$

sighh. is it just me or are things coming down all at once?



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