i survived 57 storeys!

my lucky ah ma got invited by her classmate to a night’s stay at mbs, so me and aunt tagged along. the view from the 6th floor wasn’t very nice, but the room was. not exactly very spacious, but nicely furnished. i like the toilet! so big and nice and got bathtub! lols. got a lot of people so not convenient to take photo. wasted! lol.

gobbled down a hurried bento/sushi dinner and headed up skypark with 30 mins to spare (they close at 10pm). the lift went so fast lor. tsk tsk.

there was this long swimming pool against the edge with lounge chairs and mini jacuzzis around. but i was more interested in the night view. pathetic attempt at panorama:

we were still at the building part, so it wasn’t that scary. but when we walked further down to the front of the ‘ship’, i started panicking cos i knew this part jutted out from the building and there was nothing underneath! and the wooden floorboards seemed to shake when the people walked around. 恐怖!

but undeniably, the view was wonderful. i wish i wasn’t acrophobic so i could go right to the edge and take pretty photos. i mainly kept at least a metre away from the edge last night. 😦

photos seemed pretty blur cos i used a lot of zoom and i think my legs were shaking. =| overall a not too bad experience, but no way i’m going up there again. boo.



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