what would i do without jap food?!

tried out watami at clarke quay central yesterday for our 9th monthsary. we had the 2 for $49 promotion set, which had 7 dishes and 2 drinks. initially i thought the portion size would be quite small (as are all jap food), but surprisingly it was quite a lot. i think it could easily feed 3 people. and so the both of us ended up super duper stuffed. tsk.

our first appetizer – corn with potato chunks. lovely buttery nice! i likes alot.

second appetizer – fried chicken. don’t know about the chicken, but the sauce was pretty tangy and refreshing.

third one – salad. with chicken bits. threw them to SSD and i had the whole dish to myself, since he doesn’t like lettuce. seeing how japanese salads taste so much nicer than their western counterparts, i certainly don’t mind the extra portion. lol.

SSD’s main course – sukiyaki nabe (beef hot pot) with rice. i stole some of the tofu, mushrooms and veggies, but i especially liked the soup. the broth they used was so rich and flavorful and sweet and yummy. too bad it turned so salty in the end that i had to abandon the idea of finishing the whole pot of soup. 😛

my main – salmon and rice in heated stone bowl. this one is fairly normal. a little dry and burnt in fact. but i’ll eat anything salmon.

we also had 2 side dishes, one being this fried fish. the fishy smell is quite bad at first, so you really gotta squeeze the lemon on top. after that it’s quite nice and meaty, and majority of the bones are soft and edible.

last dish – the usual prawn and veggies tempura. looked tempting, but by the time we came round to eating this, the food and its sauce had already turned cold.

finished off with green and ice lemon teas.

hmmm. food quantity and quality is certainly worth the price i feel. they also have other dish options to make up the set. but it’s after all a promotion set. to be honest, the rest of the standard ala carte menu items didn’t quite interest me. i was craving for cha soba and they didn’t even have it! (don’t think i missed it, but disclaimer here just in case! lol.)

staff were nice and responsive, though i didn’t quite like them kneeling down when they took our orders and stuff. sometimes too much politeness makes me uncomfortable. tsk. atmosphere was the usual dark and orange-gy and romantic. but the tables were abit small and too close for comfort. specially so when the couple at the next table kinda got on my nerves a little. hmmmmm.

i liked the lighting, cos it showed me that the iphone’s 5mp camera is really incomparable to satio baby’s 12mp. i probably would have fainted if i had gotten the iphone only to realize that, under these conditions, the camera can’t even see any words on the menu cover. -_- phew! so unless apple does something about it, or till i can afford both the iphone and a new camera (which i hope i don’t have to), i’ll just keep reminding myself that the lack of games is gonna be all worth it when i see the nice nice clear clear photos that satio baby gives me.

lalala. drafting in the office + inserting the photos at home = more time for meatshield. *happy*



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