HK day 1 & 2

day 1 – the peak

it’s been almost 8 years since my last flight and i realized i still hate taking planes. it gave me this throbbing headache despite being a mere 4-hour flight. tsk. was quite excited about the airport cos i wanted to see if i could spot scenes from “triumph in the skies”. had this familiar yet unfamiliar kind of feeling as we hurried towards the airport express.

we had to take the train to kowloon and then change to a free bus to our hotel. the 20-min 2-stop train journey cost 70 HKD (~$12)! but it was quite fast and comfortable lah. lol.

after checking in and a brief wash, we headed out again to the peak. there was this tram at the bottom that took us straight up. quite steep and scary but the scenery was pretty nice. got genting feel. =\

@ the sky terrace right at the top

went back downstairs to madame tussard’s.

took a whole lot of photos but just gonna post a few favorite/famous ones.

it spanned 2 levels and we went through the whole thing 3 times. lols. then went back outside for the night scene.

admission fees for the tram, sky terrace and madame tussard’s were 163 HKD (~$28). quite reasonable, for once. then went back for dinner at this old traditional cafe whose fishballs had this weird taste. hmmm. then retired for the night.

buy for the day:

day 2 – disneyland

early in the morning, we set off. in an attempt to take a shortcut through kowloon park, we came across this small pond/aviary in there!

and got on board this disney train at sunny bay. i like the mickey-shaped windows! XD

and we arrive at disneyland! admission fee is whopping 350 HKD (~$62). i think admission fees are where majority of my money went to. =(

hmmm. i think i’m gonna just post the photos, describing only the interesting parts.

tarzan tree house

this winnie the pooh ride is fun even though it’s mostly aimed at children.

we sat in this honey pot and it brought us inside. i think it was telling a story but i was too engrossed in the sights and sounds to notice. i especially liked the tigger part; the honey pot would move up and down to mimic tigger’s hopping. cute!! (not to mention the very relaxing aircon inside.)

then we came to “it’s a small world”. we went on it 2 times. nice lovely air con~ 😀 lots of photos but as it was moving (both the boat and the decorations), the photos turned out blur. boo.

continuing our journey…

lilo and stitch! we could interact with stitch on screen and it’s super funny. especially when it kept blaming one of the audience for anything that went wrong.

 the buzz lightyear ride was also fun. we went twice too! we sat in this moving car that could turn 360 degrees. there were targets along the way and we were supposed to shoot at them. points vary according to the difficulty and at the end of it, there was a score chart to see your level.

hmmm. nothing much else left.

stoned for the next hour or so, waiting for the daily fireworks. when 730pm came, all the lights in disneyland dimmed and we were presented with almost 10 mins worth of fireworks, lights and music. i took a video but since the cameraman was super tired and video is of super low quality, i shall keep it for my own viewing pleasure. lol.

buys for today:

phew! finally finished part 1. there’s still 2 more parts to go. more photos to upload and edit. not really looking forward but i guess i’d better blog for memory’s sake while i still remember it. tsk tsk.



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