still no cure for the common birthday

cute not cute not??!? 😀 brought my bobble head pen to office and it sure made my mood a tiny bit better at times. especially the little tongue sticking out at the side. kawaii~!

… …

281010 – thursday

best birthday so far in recent years! oreo cheesecake from secret recipe in the morning…

then colleagues surprised with a card, gifts and…guess what? flowers!

super cute the flowers. and the doll-purse. they say look like me. where got lor?! lols. lucky got colleagues like that, or else dunno how to survive so long. lalala~

but the most surprising would probably be SSD appearing right outside my office. no fair! with his iphone, i never know if he’s msn-ing with me at home or outside. he go 私会 i also won’t know. booo.

and he appeared with these…

flowers and chocolate; so old-school lah! but i so likes. ^_^ and the flowers received many compliments lor. lols.

and then pizza for lunch!

the day then passed pretty fast, and SSD came to pick me up. went for dinner at watami again. we had the same set but chose different dishes.

1. ice lemon tea and plum soda. the soda is pretty amazing. at first it’s just 1 layer of soda and plum ‘paste’, but after some time the soda mixes with the plum and it becomes very yummy.

2. salad

3. omelette (?) with meat inside. i like the sauce.

4. butter corn and potatoes. first time was nicer.

5. fried chicken

6. mixed tempura. this time we ate it hot. certainly nicer!

7. cold kimchi ramen. quite refreshing, but there was this distinct spice taste (not kimchi) that i somehow didn’t quite like.

8. salmon hotpot. this one made me feel cheated. there was only TWO small slices of salmon inside!! the rest were meat slices. >_< and sweet soup turned to salty gravy after boiling for awhile.

mad full after that. went for a short walk then home sweet home.

… …

😀 my ♥ looking at my ♥. awwww~



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