a nice simple saturday

went for a slimming session at body contours, which was super duper painful. even more painful than the slimming massage i tried the other time. i can already feel my thighs and tummy hurting at the slightest touch. hmmm. i had better see some results to make all this pain worthwhile. >_<

then met SSD for a brief lunch, and movie-time!

had heard several good reviews about this and boy it sure didn’t disappoint me! the storyline was actually pretty simple and straightforward, but it was the bits and pieces along the way that brought out the whole feel.

there are funny and cute scenes like little eglantine coughing up her first owl pellet, or the singing twilight (“just because it’s sung doesn’t make it a song.”), and touching scenes like the very last part where the king and queen bowed to soren. i was actually trying not to tear. =\ not to mention the exciting battle scenes. interesting~~ i haven’t seen a good movie like this for a long time.

(watched 老牛与嫩草 yesterday and it was horribly meaningless and a waste of time. lucky it was free.)

stopped for a brief shopping session before dinner and damaged my wallet with a dress and bottom. but shiok~! retail therapy makes me happy! 😀

then dinner at nihon mura.

(photos are still kinda bright though i’ve tried to reduce brightness. hmmm. practice makes perfect! :()



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