it’s been quite a while since i really appreciated the meaning of TGIF. work has been horribly hectic for the past 2 days. yesterday LP was on leave and PL on mc, and i was 相依为命-ing with 亲爱的. today LP was still on leave, PL still on mc, and even 亲爱的 went in to JB factory.

it was the ‘end’ of the month when i would have to focus on the project claims, and to make it worse, the stupid phone kept ringing, emails and faxes kept coming in, urgent enquiries i had to work on, site materials to order and arrange, steel prices to do research on, and etc. and i was FREAKING ALONE. like, super multi-tasking can?! -_-”’

but you know what? for once HL and SU didn’t step on my tail! in fact, i think i was pretty polite to them even. it was more of the phone thingy. (now i’m thankful i didn’t switch to the call centre job.)

2 days to recharge before i face RT-madness again. boo.

… …

aunt came back from japan!

*jealous* she bought a pair of boots! 😦 *MUST. SAVE. MONEY. FOR. TRIP*

… …

met up with shuhui. haven’t seen her for almost 2 years! had dinner at nihon mura. i found another jap-food kaki! =D

she’s still the same old tomboyish girl. it’s amazing how we haven’t really spoken to each other for 2 years (except for birthday wishes) and we can immediately chat like old friends once we meet. hmmm. actually, we ARE old friends. 10 years and counting as well.

mad thankful for those lovely old friends that have stuck by me all these years. you know who you are. and I LOVE YOU GIRLS! *wipes tear from corner of eye*

lols. and she gave my belated birthday present…

…in a sweet shade of purple!

of cos the color is much prettier than it appears to be. froggie’s cam still CMI one. lols.

… …

righttt. another busy shopping-day tomorrow. off to play grand defense. and check on my virtual villagers. 😉



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