no road is long with good company

“we have a strange and wonderful relationship – he strange and i wonderful.”

and today is our anniversary. so the strange one SSD brought me to vivocity for dinner! (actually we always eat out but today is special ma.)

it’s the one i wanted to bring him to for his birthday. quite surprised that he would bring me here. i wonder if he remembered that i had mentioned it in passing, or just by chance he picked this restaurant.

apparently we were late by 10 mins, so our window seat got taken up. (yes my fault i know. =X) would have preferred a quieter table but i guess bobian. ambience would have been nice if there were lesser people too. boo. there was quite a lot of food to choose from, and prices were reasonable for ‘fine dining’. thankfully the portion size isn’t as miserable as the one in funan. lols.

complimentary appetizers – edamame and veggies! the peas were nice and warm for a change but veggies were yummier. they were so fresh and went so well with the miso paste! *drools*

SSD’s salmon ikura don. salmon slices were fresh and yummy!! ^_^ (p/s underneath got rice one.)

my tenzaru. added lots of wasabi into the sauce. nice!! and the noodles are laid neatly instead of the usual one whole messy lump. hmmmmm.

ordered another salmon temaki, which ended up quite normal. i prefer the one at riverview hotel.

i think there were fireworks but too bad it was a work day so we couldn’t stay to watch. but i shall assume that it was to celebrate for us. lol. 😀

SSD got me a new diamond necklace for the anniversary.

chio! and bling-er than the previous one. i likes! =)

i told him not to waste such money liao lor! i really did! he don’t want to listen i also bobian right?! but i ain’t too bad either. got him a phiten bracelet. though, at least it has ‘healing’ properties. see i so thoughtful! whahaha. XD


… …

time flies. it’s been a year. 谢谢这一年来,你对我的关怀与照顾。谢谢你容忍我的缺点和脾气。虽然你也是每次gek我,但是! 我爱你~ 😀



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