Three Countries I’d Like to Visit

1. Barcelona, Spain

ancient buildings and medieval churches as remarkable architectural masterpieces. that was what initially captivated me about spain. then, stories and photos from an aunt during her brief stay there sparked greater interest for me to see the city from a resident’s point of view. the last straw came during 流星花园, when 道明寺 and 杉菜 went there for a holiday. the beautiful churches, the street vendors, the city outskirts, the public monuments, the scenery… it’s definitely at the top of my wishlist for wedding photos! 😛

2. Rome, Italy

another great location for memorable wedding photos, my main purpose for visiting would be to see the colosseum. all those julius caesar and gladiator got me reaaallly fascinated about ancient rome. triump in the skies and the triangel only made it worse. lols. not to mention new moon also had a roman scene. and the sights and scenery are pretty too! 😉

3. Sligo, Ireland

where else but the hometown of my favorite westlife member? apparently sligo is more of a countryside than dublin, which is so me! (not much to visit, more to reside.) 😀

of course, theoretically these are my 3 countries, but i’d probably never ever get to visit them. so realistically, i’ll probably list taiwan, hongkong, and…..malaysia? boo. -_-”’



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