our 1st christmas together

it’s considered so because i spent christmas in genting last year. lol. but despite it being christmas, it felt like any other paktor weekend to me.

can’t really see clearly, but we both turned up in checks! 🙂 went all the way down to vivocity and had lunch at this ramen restaurant.

SSD got a seafood ramen with 3 sides: chuka hotate, baby octopus, and ogonori seaweed.

had wanted to take the same as him, minus the sides. but chose the salmon teriyaki set in the end.

luckily i did! cos i preferred my fish to his noodles. lol. =\

walked around before heading in to watch tron: legacy.

heard a lot of good reviews about it, but i found it quite disappointing. in the beginning, SSD fell asleep and i too was struggling to keep my eyes open. it only got better after sam got into the grid and all the battle scenes began. overall, the storyline wasn’t that good but the digital effects made it worthwhile. boo.

it was raining when we came out. double boo. no more romantic stand-and-watch-sea anymore. most of the restaurants had long queues and the noisy humongous crowd was simply adding to my already throbbing head. but luckily, we managed to find breeks, tucked away in a nice and quiet corner.

my smoked salmon and crab meat pasta.

SSD’s seafood tomyum pasta.

our ‘blue-something’ drink and chocolate ice cream!

and that’s the end of our first christmas day. =)



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