only tuesday T_T

090111 – sunday

went back to PS where i first did my bangs many years ago (never noticed the name but it’s the one a few shops away from the food court). the guy who did my hair back then was apparently no longer there, and my ‘stylist’ was this golden-haired silent ah beng type who already seemed inexperienced when i made the appointment a few days before that. on that day, i was dismayed to learn that he would be the one doing our hair (SSD cut and dyed his hair too), but there seemed to be no one else and i didn’t exactly want to hurt his feelings (scarli he damn professional one).

tried to explain the kind of bangs i wanted, but by the time i realized something was wrong and that he totally didn’t understand me, it was already too late. my japanese-style bangs-with-side-parting became toot side-swept-bangs. -_-”’ kolics did mention it looked not too bad, but the point is, it WASN’T what i wanted. boo.

throughout the 5 hours i was there, he was struggling with doing my hair, doing SSD’s, and watching tv. i was glaring at him but i guess the tv programme was more important than a pissed customer. end result was disappointing. besides my V-shaped hair becoming U-shaped, some parts of my hair looked like it was never rebonded. which is stupid, as he only had to concentrate on the top half (lower half already rebonded). sure it looks more natural, but wtf i PAID for straight hair. zzZz. and he chopped off a lot more of my hair than i told him to.

usually i’ll hope that it will grow better and better, but in this case i’ll just hope it doesn’t get any worse (which looks like it’s happening). hais. SSD likes him though. he said he likes the 林峰 hairstyle he did for him. tsk tsk. i shall just assume i lost this $200. step in there at your own risk!! 😦

100111 – monday

finally finished watching 蒲松龄, an ancient time drama about this fox deity getting involved in a 四角恋 with 3 mortals. (dramas that i actually take time to follow and blog about are good! trust me! :P) it’s somewhat connected to the very famous chinese ghost story – 聊斋, so expect lots of supernatural stuff in this too. the ending was unexpectedly ironic.

**spoiler alert**

蒲松龄 was killed by his good friend 高喆, who in turn killed himself. 小翠 gave up her pill of life (or something like that) to save 松龄, and she turned back into a fox (they obviously used a spitz). 心如 was also killed by 高喆, and she gave up her chance to reincarnate to be with 松龄 as a ghost wife.

some parts can be freaky, especially when you watch at night with all the lights off. lols. next drama i’m starting: 诱情转驳. it involves pole-dancing – something i’ve always wanted to learn but no guts to do so. lols.

… …

while shopping for presents for 亲爱的, i came across this small wallet-bag in greyish purple that i fell in love with. well, i tend to look for 一见钟情 stuff when i shop, so obviously i just HAD to buy it.

ain’t it pretty?! lols. got a smaller one for her, and also a set of peach body mist and lotion. which smelt so so yummy that i’m regretting not buying it for myself as well. they took it off the shelves after i bought them, so it’s become limited edition already. boo.

110111 – tuesday

movie session with zhu! kinako is apparently based on a true story in japan of this female dog trainer and her dog, which doesn’t give up despite failing the police dog test many times. while the plot is simple and straightforward, it’s the yellow lab that made it worthwhile. super cute! XD

lalala. why is it only tuesday? 😦



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