guess what’s this?!

super cute! 😀






the wall decals cher got me a long time ago!

kawaii! pasted 2 at the side on this small plain shelf and it immediately looked more interesting. have quite a few more and i can’t wait to put them all up on the walls! just waiting a couple more months for the new paint to set in.

also put up my pretty accessories holder that flew in from hongkong. bargained a long time for this and i sure hope the same model can’t be found here in singapore. lols.

the room seems to be coming together better than i had expected. happy! but the only problem would be the lack of storage space.

furthermore, first, the shelves i want from ikea are only coming in next week. second, the wardrobe we ordered from ROZEL FURNITURE sucks to the max!! not only is the wardrobe super flimsy (even more so than the one in the showroom), the workmanship is super bad! both the glass door and the wood backing have big ugly bubbles in them. the drawer and the door can’t be shut properly too. the maddening thing is, it’s around the same price as those from ikea, and i 100% confirm ikea’s would be of a better quality. zzZz.

only thing i like about it, are the glass doors with faded flower motifs. it covers the almost the whole door but yet faint and subtle enough so that it doesn’t draw too much attention. and yes, it’s purple. =) anyway, we requested them to replace the whole cupboard which i’m hoping will arrive before CNY, although i don’t think they will. which means while i can pack here, i can’t unpack there. boo.

SHITTY ROZEL FURNITURE!! (they can sue me but wtf it’s the truth. i’m so pissed everytime i see the bubbles; i don’t quite mind blowing this up. don’t even get me started on their $&@^$% after-sales service attitude.)

… …

our late lunch.

went ikea again this afternoon and spent a few hundred more. on a side note, i still prefer ikea. designs aren’t the best, but quality is commendable. (cheapo ikea sofa can tahan bro’s weight for so long while expensive ones can’t.) staff’s attitude isn’t the best either, but i’m happy enough to get around without their help. i can also bring home stuff i want immediately, and playing carpenter is fun! lols.

sighhh. i wonder if we can really make it before CNY.



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