overpopulated singapore?

maybe not the entire island, but at least, the public transport is. especially during peak hours.

yes, many countries face this.
yes, many commuters face this. everyday.
yes, there’s nothing i can do.
yes, ranting doesn’t make a difference.
but yes, i still want to rant.

i hate trains (aka mrt). even though they’re faster and much less prone to traffic jams than buses. i hate that it’s always either freezing cold or super stuffy. i hate the ‘beep beep beep beep…door closing’ thingy that never fails to make me kanjiong. i hate the lack of holding poles, and how people like to lean on them when there’s people around trying to keep their balance. i hate how the glass partitions are so wobbly that i feel like they’re gonna shatter when i lean on them. i hate the lack of human touch, especially on lines that don’t have human ‘drivers’. train experiences are so ughh!!

usually i won’t bother writing about it if it’s a one-off thing. but since the train is now my only option getting out of the sembawang area, i foresee loads of pissed moments during peak hours where i’ll go “quit pushing/shoving/touching me, $*#%_@*!!” 😦 i’m missing 161 already. boo.

… …

anyway, if you’re free and bored now like me, grab a piece of paper and try out this test!

question 1
put these animals in order, starting with the one you deem most important.
Pig, Horse, Cow, Tiger, Sheep

question 2
think of one word to describe the following:
Dog, Cat, Rat, Coffee, Sea

question 3
think of a person whom you can associate with the following colors:
Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Green

done? want the answers? 😀

question 1
Pig = money
Horse = family
Cow = career
Tiger = pride
Sheep = love

question 2
Dog = what you think your personality is
Cat = what you think your partner’s personality is
Rat = how you feel about your enemies
Coffee = how you feel about sex
Sea = what you think your life is

question 3
Yellow = someone you will never forget
Orange = the person you feel is your true friend
Red = the person you love the most
White = your twin soul
Green = the person you will remember forever

true or not? here’s mine if you’re curious. ^_^

question 1
Horse (family), Tiger (pride), Sheep (love), Cow (career), Pig (money)

question 2
dog = cute (i’m cute!! XD)
cat = beautiful (o_O|||)
rat = dirty
coffee = fragrant (how can sex be fragrant? O_O)
sea = romantic

question 3
yellow = cher
orange = zhu (ahem!)
red = my dad (awwwwww…)
white = SSD
green = logas (hmmm i wonder why.)

the end! hehe. blogging in the office sure saves loads of time. 😛



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