it used to be called fr3b, now renamed to samplestore. i’ve been patronizing them for quite some time now, and i’m here to do another review! 🙂

a brief introduction – signing up with samplestore lets you choose samples you wish to try out, and after paying the postage (and admin) fee, they’ll mail it straight to your home. over the years it’s not only allowed me to try out samples before purchasing the actual one (although i usually won’t :p), it has also greatly helped to lighten the weight of my luggage while traveling.

and i’ve found out recently that they do give out retail-sized products too! you’d have to be quick though; they run out fast.

the first retail-sized product i got was this. looking like your normal compact powder…

…with sponge and mirror…

…but with balm instead!

it’s supposedly a concealer plus foundation plus moisturizer, with additional stuff like 30spf, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, whitening, and detoxifying etc. retailing at $29.90, i got it together with 2 other samples for just $2.99! 😀 it unfortunately turned my face into a major greaseball. but i like how my makeup stays more intact at the end of the day and after blotting.

next item i got was this.

flower patterns are so pretty! and it comes with the kind of ‘brush’ that i’ve never used before.

haven’t tried using it yet, but i’ve read reviews that it smudges pretty easily, which is bad for me since i have oily lids. oh wells, since i have it, might as well go ahead and try right? lol. anyway, it retails at $21.90 and i got it with 3 other samples for $2.99! 😀

not only does samplestore offer makeup and skincare products, they also carry snacks and beverage samples! sign up now! =D



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