was in a bad mood today…

…about work. for the 19472138th time. so i’m going to rant. and it so happens that i kept remembering this guy i saw on the bus yesterday. (i know it’s quite bad to badmouth other people but i guess it serves as a warning. guys please learn NOT to follow him.)

so yesterday, a couple of stops after me, this guy got on and happened to meet his friend, so he starting chatting happily to her. i don’t normally care if not for the fact he was so darn loud. everyone starting looking at him, including me, but he didn’t seem to notice. but it was obvious that his friend was paiseh and tried to keep her voice down. people on the far end would probably think he was talking to himself. irk no.1: i thought only old people speak so loud cos they can’t hear themselves? he disrupted what would have been a nice peaceful journey.

unavoidably, i heard his side of the entire conversation. first he was saying that there’s this bus that goes from his house in jurong to his office, but the journey takes about 2 hours. and he complained that this journey is very 辛苦 (even though he got seat and slept all the way). then he goes on to say that it looks nicer and more hardworking to stay a bit longer after work (OT) so he will go in half an hour late in the morning. “睡多半个小时也好嘛”. irk no. 2: i have a personal hatred dislike for sissy/weak men that cannot seem to take ‘hardship’. and is proud enough to broadcast it. 男人有所为,有所不为.

then he mentioned that he used to rent a room with his wife, but after she went back home (malaysia i presume) to give birth, he moved in with his sister’s family because it wasn’t worth it to rent a room himself. irk no.3: stingy and 不自动. it’s not that he can’t afford it. just because he feels it’s not worth it then go squeeze with his sister and her own family. not paiseh one meh? tsk.

maybe he got 苦衷 i don’t know (and don’t really care). but 15mins of hearing him talk is enough for me to dislike him already. i feel so sway for his wife, and no wonder she can stay alone in malaysia to look after the kid. how to depend on someone like him?! tsk.

… …

i love macro mode! 😀

yes my keyboard is very dirty. 😛

… …

went over to SSC for dinner, and SSD treated me to sushi to make up for yesterday. (i wanted salmon bento but he go and order unagi bento by mistake.)

it’s under sakae, so prices are much higher than suki. and if i had known at first it was under sakae, i probably wouldn’t have dined there. first i ordered tenzaru soba, and the manager said it wasn’t available. then i tried cha soba, but also not available. turned out that the soba noodles were out of stock. it was only 7 plus. -__-

i think their inventory management is pretty bad. when we were finishing up, in came a family of 3 who wanted a kids meal for their son. it included a bottle of yakult, and 10 mins later, i saw the staff bringing in a bag of newly bought yakult. zzZz. i don’t think i’ll patronize them again.

anyway, SSD ordered spicy seafood ramen, which he said was really spicy. to be honest, the soup base was just spicy and nothing else. tsk.

variety of sushi on the revolving belt was pretty pathetic. so i settled for this and salmon sushi. oh and chawanmushi, which tasted horrible.

sad sad dinner. but at least i managed to eat my salmon today. =P

… …

went home and practised somemore with sotongball.

auto scene selection is really bad. and since i prefer macro, i think i’ll just stick to perfecting my manual macro for now. and i really need to stop shaking; photos aren’t sharp enough! boo.



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