welcome to the family

rofls! in addition to the late satio baby and present froggie, i have now thought of the perfect name for the new addition. *drumrolls* it’s SOTONGBALL!! 😀

cute right the name?! lol. mainly because of the round designs in front that looks like a ball, and how i’m such a sotong when it comes to using it. played with it for the first time just now, and did a few test shots. quite disappointing i must say, though of cos i hope it’s my problem and not sotongball’s.

it’s like, super hard and difficult to press the control buttons (partially because of my nails i guess) and even harder for the shutter button. so i had to take many blur shots for that one nice presentable one. the auto mode was quite normal and blah, so i switched to the manual mode to choose my own scenes. i guess i need to get out there and practise more. 😦

oh yeah, the battery turned warm after like, 10 shots? -_-”’ and i couldn’t find the icontrast option even though it stated there was. %#_*%&)

anyway, here goes. auto mode which automatically switched to macro. (quite horrible right?)

auto mode. (so normal?)

this is probably my best shot tonight. manually-selected digital macro mode. (wish i added some water drops first!)

i love how it turned out! albeit by luck and it’s still a tiny bit blur. was super shocked at how blur many before it turned out, cos i didn’t think my hand shook thaat much. lols.

read many tutorials that stated the best equipment doesn’t necessarily produce the best shots. even i myself have seen photos that far surpass all those up there, taken with an iphone 4. so i guess it’s practise practise practise!

before my short-term interest in photography dies out. =\



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