complete boredom

i’ve had less than 5 hours of sleep each night for the past 2 days. it’s so torturous!! and so i’ve taken to blogging in the office to ease the boredom and sleepiness. 😦

but to make myself happier (also since i’ve been horribly moody and sad last week), i shall blog about happy things today! like the dinner 2 days ago…

sushi platter! 😀

$30 for 48 pieces of cheapo sushi. kena cheated! but sushi craving from friday alleviated! ^^

then tried to take some night shots from grandma’s place (23rd floor!!). sotongball was pretty uncooperative. or was it just me? boo!

and then dinner at town yesterday. SSD was craving for the maggi mee at marina square, but we forgot it was closed for renovation. -__- so we had 家乡面 instead!

food macro! i loves. i think it makes the dish appear more appetizing than it really is. lols. and by the way their curry is really good! to whichever branch that said cannot give extra bowl of curry, BS~! =P

boring! upcoming ‘event’ is japanese buffet next weekend, and i’ve got nothing planned for these 2 weeks before that. unless gaming is considered an event. have been doing quite a lot of that recently, ever since SSD got ET17. hmmmm. i wonder who would he save if we both fell into the sea. probably ET17, since i know how to swim and ET17 doesn’t. besides, it’s more expensive than me. sadded.

… …



5 thoughts on “complete boredom

  1. OF COURSE…….. Save You la… ET17 may be expensive but You are priceless to me. Don’t have ET17 still can buy but don’t have you le, where to find another one.

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