in the meantime…

what was supposed to be a joyful weekend getaway ended with sad note when i came home to find that munchkins had passed away. though i hadn’t expected him to last any much longer, it still came as a rude shock. it’s sad that i wasn’t around when he left, but i suppose it’s somewhat comforting to know he had lived a pretty long 2 years 8 months (normal hammie lifespan is 2-3 years). it seems like just yesterday that i brought him home.

even though hamster deaths don’t affect me that much, i suppose munchkins is one-of-a-kind. he’s by far the pickiest hammie i’ve ever had, and the only hammie whose dietary likes and dislikes i learnt. he’s also the sweetest hammie, having only bit (my bro) once in his entire hammie life. sighx. gonna miss him waking me up in the middle of the night. =(

may you find all the treats you love up there in hamster heaven and have fun with ginger and russbabe. ^^

… …

it’s funny how i always feel excited about unwrapping my samplestore parcel, even though i know exactly what is inside.

postcard mask again!

… …

wanted to have 1-for-1 pasta at swensons today, but the queue was horribly long. we also had to wait for manhattan’s, so we settled for breeks instead.

my baked dory. i loves! =)

SSD’s southern country seafood stew. the sauce is a little weird imho, and you have to order additional rice or bread to go with it. not very worth i must say.

shared a potato island. it was filled with minced tuna and mushrooms and covered with a layer of cheese. not too bad!

service was a little slow and the food was barely warm when it came. probably will avoid this outlet in future. =\



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