sleep till you’re hungry, eat till you’re sleepy.

i used to blog about an ‘event’ on the night itself but seems like recently they keep getting later and later. like the genting post was blogged almost a week later (because i kept procrastinating on the photo editing) and i had already forgotten a lot of the details. sighx.

met up with ma with the rest of kolics for buffet steamboat dinner.

full wild mushroom soup. no more 麻辣 horror! =\

wild mushrooms with thai spices. light and refreshing, i like. a bit too much onion though.

monkey head mushrooms in house dressing. i always order this when i eat at mushroom pot. it’s the best dish here! =)

fried mushroom veggie roll. not bad at all!

teriyaki style scallop sticks. the sauce is nice but there was something about the scallops i just didn’t quite like.

crispy squid with wasabi sauce. another of my favorite!

wild mushroom fried rice. we ordered 2 servings!

braised wild mushrooms e-fu noodle. forgot to try this. =\

we went to the stadium outlet, which was nearer but super ulu and hard to find. the place was rather empty when we arrived and less than 10 tables were filled by the time we left. i wonder how they make money like that. hmmm.

but the lack of patrons also meant faster and better service for us. we practically only had to hold up and read the menu, and they’ll come take our order. lols. had our usual loud laughing and crapping and complaining, though this time we didn’t feel embarrassed cos there was another table even louder.

not too bad a place for a girls’ night out. they have 20% off every wednesday (ladies’ night) as long as it’s all gals at your table. adds up to around $27. =)

… …

on a side note, just want to rant. i received this email from the HR of some company (she didn’t even state her company) requesting me to go down for an interview. it was sent at 4.45pm, and the interview ‘slot’ was at 12.30pm the next day.

firstly, she assume that i just stay at home everyday waiting for her interview? no need to apply leave? she didn’t even mention anything like “let me know whether you can make it”. it was more like ordering me to go for the interview. and secondly, i replied to request for another ‘slot’ at a later date, which she didn’t even bother to reply. damn no basic manners.

i don’t know about the company, but definitely *PUI* at this linda-bitch.



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