shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

DL: 你是 accounts 还是 qs 啊?
me: 都不是…
DL: 那为什么你一直追 claim 的?
me: … …

*slap slap* i’ve been doing stuff that’s not in my job scope. and for a very good reason. I DON”T HAVE ANY JOB TITLE!! previously when i was applying for card, i asked my HR the same thing. and her reply? “i also don’t know leh.” like, totally WTF can?!

stupid “jack of all trades, master of none” shit. how to find new job like that? how to get same pay like that? *PANIC PANIC PANIC!!*

it’s totally ruining all my temporary good mood, which are pretty scarce already. hais.

to make things worse, i collected my contact lens yesterday, and went on a shopping spree today. besides my usual makeup stuff, i decided to go ahead with the collagen supplement which i wanted to try for so long. and since they were having offer for a 3-month supply, guess what i did? (-_-||)

BUT BUT BUT!! i’m actually pretty excited about trying this collagen thingy. 😀 i sure hope it turns out as wonderful as they claim it to be.

even though i’m $480 poorer in just 2 days. sobs.



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