simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

“lionel richie, always works.”  🙂

… …

had a nice normal paktor day yesterday. met SSD after his meeting for a quick bite.

his spicy chicken set.

my dory fish set. lots of cheese and mayo and nice buttery rice. oh-so-fattening!

soft ice cream! yummy but not exactly a pretty sight. and if you think SSD’s look horrible, you should see mine! XD

then we went to watch rio!

a short 90+ min, yet sweet, romantic and hilarious film about the simple love story between 2 blue macaws (which explains the lionel richie song). a children’s film no doubt, but i enjoyed myself nevertheless. =)

we had some time before dinner, so we bunked at mac’s for coffee. embarrassingly, i’ve never tried mccafe coffee and i didn’t know they came in such pretty forms.

the mochaccino was tasteless though. -__-

headed to mad for garlic to use up my 1-for-1 voucher.

ambience is nicely dim and somewhat romantic, but prices are a little on the high side i feel. wouldn’t be coming back unless it’s a really special occasion.

we shared this korean drink that’s supposedly one of their bestsellers. it’s nice, but not special. should have tried the red wine mix. =(

my lobster (and fish roe) pasta, one of their few cream pastas. the sauce is nice and lobster-y, and the roe gave a nice little crunch to the otherwise normal pasta. there isn’t alot of lobster meat though. tsk.

SSD’s red devil. originally labelled as 3-chillis, he asked them to reduce it to 2-chillis instead. it has much more ingredients than mine, but a tad too spicy for my liking. furthermore it looks and tastes pretty assam/tomyum, which i don’t agree on. pastas should be italian, and cream pastas are the only ones that look italian to me. >_<

the end! lots of food posts. i think i eat too much. sobs.

… …

earlier on f1 today, hamilton got his first win of the season. let’s all put our hands together and pray that vettel’s luck has all run out. if it can’t be hammie, at least let the champion be someone who actually has good skills instead of just a good car. sighh.



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