this world is unfair

today i shall be blogging about something that pisses me off. even more than work. enough to make me post on facebook.

2 dingoes maul 3-year-old girl on australia beach

1. those are wild dogs (basic instinct much?).
2. toddler wandered off by herself.
3. toddler intruded the dogs’ territory.
4. toddler’s family didn’t keep watch over toddler.

so in what way is it the dogs’ fault? why are the dogs blamed? why are they being put down for nothing? and in the same report, where one 9-year-old was killed, a further >2 dozen dogs were put down. fair much? this world is weird…

… …

this morning my dad asked me to buy some discs as he wanted to haolian make use of his blue-ray dvd player. i immediately thought of 2012. i had watched it again during my trip to genting last month.

it never fails to evoke strong emotions each time. the scenes are so real and i feel it’s actually starting to happen already. the earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, erupting volcanos, all just a coincidence? bit by bit, area by area, it’s gonna hit everyone of us sooner or later.

frankly speaking, i’d rather die quickly like in the show. it’s much more painful to have survived and realize you’re left with no family, no home, no food, no shelter, no nothing.

if 2012 really happened, i wonder what mother nature has planned for this earth. today, we dig up fossils of dinosaurs that were wiped out millions of years ago. and probably millions of years later, some other thingy would be digging up OUR fossils to study. you know, like a computer? when problems get too much, it’s easier to just reformat the whole damn thing.

e.m. (edward morgan) forster contributed to my depressing end-of-the-world mood of late. (sidetrack: i had finally found his ebook The Machine Stops online to download for froggie. yes the same one we studied for o’levels.)

the story tells of a futuristic world where all of us live in individual cells. each cell has automated stuff for our needs like air, food, water, sleep, personal hygiene etc etc. there’s even a network system to connect us to one another, anywhere in the world. you’d never believe that this was written in 1909, almost 50 years before there was internet.

anyway, all the cells are part of a huge underground machine. people rarely travel around and the land above has become barren and inhabitable. even the air is poisonous. so dependent have we become on the machine, that at the end when it breaks down, mankind is wiped out.

how encouraging. =\



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